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I tried running the Bootrec command again from the Windows 10 USB however it gives the same exact error as shown above in the screenshot, no different. 3) After selecting language, press Shift + F10 to open command prompt.

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It then becomes some serious ubuntu booting issue (I have win8 came with the laptop, ubuntu12.04 and 14.04). And the process of trying to fix the linux actually destroyed and wipe out all the data in EFI partition.

The Master Boot Record is a special type of boot sector found at the beginning of your system partition. The MBR informs the boot process as to what is about to follow, such as partition layouts, sizes, America Online dll error repair tool file systems, and so on. An MBR also traditionally contains a small piece of executable code that passes the boot process to the operating system proper, landing you within Windows. If you don’t type the disk partition letter you are trying to fix/rebuild it doesn’t know where to apply the fix & will always give the “access Denied” error. Also you forgot to mention that after you exit & leave Diskpart the very next thing you need to do is type the letter you gave the Fat32 system partition at the command prompt. This along with BCDboot /rec saved me on a EFI Win 7 SP1 boot recovery. It started with ubuntu update problem that broke every graphic driver.

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After waiting for about 5 minutes windows shows an error message very short and restarts the laptop. You may need a new hard drive and I would suggest to buy an SSD.

You can use a “recovery usb drive” from another PC if you can’t locate your Win8 boot disk . Start up your dilapidated computer with the USB or DVD Windows 8 recovery media in the system. You want to get to the Advanced options screen so you can open the beloved command prompt. I also tried removing the Microsoft folder and contents I found in the EFI partition on my Mac after following your directions, however all this did was remove the ability to boot up into Windows. When I hold down alt now when booting the mac, I no longer see Windows as an option to boot from.

It is most probable that the boot sector is damaged. After the boot logo I observed that windows tries to read from the hdd periodically which not succeeds.