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Bauhaus we associated with that which you needed to say in your remark.

Bauhaus we associated with that which you needed to say in your remark.

Individually, I happened to be unable to connect with ladies romantically, and I also never sought after females sexually (they searched for me), thus I stopped sex that is having them entirely. Bonding is vital in a relationship, without one, there’s no glue to help keep it together, it’s impossible for the relationship to produce, there’s no chance to love.

Also for me) though I enjoyed sex with women, I knew that to continuing to do it was unfair (to women) and counterproductive (.

My attraction, desire, drive, and capacity to both actually and emotionally relationship with males, is the reason why me personally homosexual. Maybe a person that is truly bisexual the capacity to connect both intimately and emotionally, to both sexes.


@Bauhaus: “…Even though we enjoyed intercourse with women…we never sought after females sexually (they sought after me). ” Well, being a “gay” guy and actually appealing, there is the possible become an excellent intercourse worker, for example. Gigolo. There is a large number of lonely, intimately unsatisfied, high-income/wealthy heterosexual females simply looking forward to YOU!


Never to be rude, it isn’t that a little mean-spirited of you? He claimed their extremely reasons that are personal why he identifies as homosexual and also you started to demean him as being an intercourse worker?

I’ve read your responses before and I also think you’re frequently nicer than this. Maybe maybe perhaps Not which you comment to profit anybody but your self, but we thought this is instead odd.