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I will think about only 1 reward that fits both requirements

I will think about only 1 reward that fits both requirements

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Free (or greatly subsidized) condoms. To enjoy the advantages of a free condom, Martin really needs intercourse. And Martin probably values a condom that is free a lot more than Maxwell does. Listed here is why: Martin’s nearly certainly maybe perhaps not contaminated yet, so a condom possesses good chance to save your self their life. Maxwell, in comparison, understands he could have the herpes virus currently, so a condom here is less likely to want to really make a difference. Subsidized condoms might be simply the admission for luring Martin away from their shell without stirring Maxwell to a brand new frenzy of task.

Since it takes place, there is certainly another explanation to subsidize condoms.

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Condom usage itself is underrewarded. You protect both yourself and your future partners (and your future partners’ future partners), but you are rewarded (with a lower chance of infection) only for protecting yourself when you use a condom. Your own future lovers can not observe your past condom use and as a consequence can not reward it with extravagant courtship. This means you neglect to capture all of the advantages you are conferring. As outcome, condoms are underused.

Easily put, individuals utilize too little condoms for similar reason they will have too sex that is little. Whenever Martin has sex with Joan, that is great for Joan’s future partners. Whenever Martin runs on the condom, that is great for Martin’s future lovers. In neither situation do the long term lovers have an opportunity that is fair influence Martin’s behavior.