All about high-tech single-story Homes

High-tech style is an ideal combination of beauty with practicality and functionality. Houses constructed in this style look contemporary and futuristic, they have incredible geometric shapes, that distinguish them from the typical buildings. Most often hi-tech is used in the construction of one-story cottages. Within the following article, let us look at everything about high-tech single-story homes.


The form of single-storey houses in high-tech style has a similarity to a cube, the clear bounds of which create a feeling of security and coziness. It takes more time and cash to construct these buildings, but it all pays off with higher comfort, energy efficiency and functionality. Houses in high-tech fashion are often chosen by ambitious and active men and women who like to surround themselves with everything fresh. The main features of buildings in this style include the following:

  • The existence of a flat roof with a slight incline angle;
  • a lot of panoramic glazing and natural lighting;
  • strict lines in constructions and a minimal of roundness;
  • the presence of columns.

The palette of black, red, beige, yellow, white and gray is predominant in the finishing of the homes. Only synthetic substance can be used for cladding facades, but natural rock and wood has to be current to a minimum. Particular attention in the design of homes is paid to lighting, and it is installed around the perimeter of the building. In Terms of the inside in high tech, it also has its own attributes, namely:

  • The surfaces are finished with plaster;
  • high ceilings and scenic light;
  • the existence of staircases, large aquariums and fireplaces;
  • a maximum of open area, https://1pokirpichu.ru/ no dividing walls (zoning is completed with the help of furniture or decoration)

From the interior of houses the decoration doesn’t stand out with texture and vivid colours. To highlight the design, the home ought to be equipped with a”Smart House” system, built-in appliances and modern electronics.


Sometimes, projects additionally provide room for a cabinet or dressing room. Verandas may also be attached to homes with flat roofs which have just one floor.

House projects of up to 100 sq.m. with a garage are remarkably common. Their design is classic: living area, bedroom, bath, bathroom, kitchen and dressing area.

If the area of the nation site allows (is over 150 square meters. M ), the plan of the building could include a loft.


Regardless of the fact that high-tech single-storey homes are characterized by unusual external strains, the most frequent materials are used in their construction. For the erection of such modern structures, the following solutions are often used:

Foam concrete (the most affordable material, but it requires a decorative finish);

Ceramic, aerated concrete blocks (have high strength, convenient in design, are cheap and have low thermal conductivity);

Brick (dependable and durable material).

One-story homes may be transitioned from timber frame and panel method.

The principal quality of high-tech homes is the unusual shape of the roof. It’s totally flat and has a small slope, therefore for the installation of these roofs use PVC membranes.

Since one-story high-tech homes have mild weight, they’re set up on a reinforced base or pole foundation. This additionally requires the purchase of columns and concrete.


High-tech is distinguished by optimum performance, so the plan of these rooms should not only be trendy, but also freed from what . At the inside of the rooms there is strict zoning. Finishes are created out of mirror, glass and plastic. The main feature in the design is regarded as the existence of ample light, in every chamber it is decorated differently.

Living room. Finishing is introduced by a mix of modern and traditional materials: vinyl is complemented by stone, metal and glass. Brick and concrete texture are hugely popular, against its backdrop chic appearances furniture of rigorous forms, with simple facades and open feel. As upholstered furniture, select comfortable sofas with leather upholstery. The inside has to always have a glass or plastic coffee table.

Bathroom. The walls in this room are completed with big monochrome tiles. Based on the region of the area, it is possible to choose both light and dark tone of cladding. Beautifully looks in the layout a combo of gray with beige and white colors. Frequently in the inside of high-tech you can discover a finish made of pure wood. To advantageously highlight the decor, light on the walls and ceiling is used. Sanitary ware is preferred in metallic colors.