Yard planter Using their own hands

To make a panoramic green corner close to the house with your own hands is similar to painting a picture. In addition to the technical advantages it’s a work for your soul, imagination, that will be pleased with the results.

No matter what size is planned, the major point to learn how to sow the yard. First it is worth to make a decision as to what kind of lawn cover is preferable to the selected website.

Kinds of lawns

You will find four types. They differ slightly in purpose and application. What’s the lawn for: to admire, to break, to play? Your selection:

  • Garden version (routine ); joins all of the advantages of marijuana pay; https://vashaterrasa.ru seems great, convenient for picnics, games, diversion; could be set in sunlight, at the penumbra; care – routine watering, watering;
  • English version (parterre); distinguished from dense grass; enjoys only sunny areas; best decorative properties, but needs daily watering, and regular mowing and feeding; harsh weather is poorly tolerated, favors mild winters and smallish fluctuations in temperatures;
  • floral (mixed); green bud mixed with stunted bright flowers; there are varieties:
  • Moorish; more decorative; does not enjoy frequent movement; looks like a lush overgrown bed;
  • clover; withstands heavy traffic, wrought iron, likes moist soil.
  • Floral lawns are low upkeep; renew in their particular;
  • roster model; rapid and expensive manner; resistant to visitors, tolerates drought, frost, immediately makes a thick, workable carpet.

Website planning

It’s vital to prepare the plot. With your own hands to do It’s not difficult, the main thing would be to follow the guidelines of experts:

  • Determine the size;
  • Consider the presence of flowerbeds, trees, garden sculptures;
  • remember a high control avoids standard mowing;

Place a yard one meter from the edge or where there are no barriers;

Consider how convenient It’ll Be to use a lawn mower;Stem circles, paths are much better to meet ornamental mulch or other suitable option.

Preparing the soil

Well-prepared soil is the basis of the lawn. It is correct to place it in order two months ahead of the anticipated sowing. It needs to be performed as if you are going to throw seeds . When any issues of preparation are not followed, there is no guarantee of friendly sprouts.