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Need To Know: Amazing Features Of Microsoft SwiftKey For Android Devices You Didn’t Know Yet (With Screenshots)

Microsoft is working with Apple to try to get the same integration on iPhones, but I wouldn’t hold my breath, given the tight grip Apple keeps on its platforms. Another interface feature I’ve come to cherish is File Explorer’s Quick Access section. This lets you easily find whatever file you were last working on regardless of the application you were using. So, if you edit an image and want to add it to another app, it’s right at the top of the Quick Access list. You never have to remember where you just saved a file to find it quickly.

Swiftkey Keyboard allows you to add multiple languages to your keyboard for autocorrect and dictionary precision. To add additional keyboard language profiles, open the Swiftkey app and select the Languages setting; from here, pick and download any additional language options. At this time, Android users can select up to five languages, while iOS users can select two. If your language utilizes a different keyboard layout such as AZERTY instead of QWERTY, you can effortlessly switch between the layouts by holding down the spacebar at any time.

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Both virtual assistants are much more powerful now than they were at launch. That’s exactly the kind of predictive technology Microsoft is looking to add to Cortana, and with this acquisition of SwiftKey, they will most likely get it. The drug developer based in London uses AI alongside human experts to help in the drug discovery process. It has already identified and licensed out two new Alzheimer’s drugs to an unnamed pharmaceutical company in a deal potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

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  • According to a new report, the latest beta version of the Swiftkey app gains a new clipboard sync feature for syncing with your Windows APK Android Mobi 10 devices.
  • It’s a lifesaver for confirmation codes and live-tweeting with multiple hashtags.
  • You have the ability to add a row of arrow keys at the bottom of the keyboard to help when you have to go back and delete a word.

Another issue is that generic warnings will probably lose their impact over time, once the user gets used to seeing and dismissing the same warning. But at least the user has the means to manage third party keyboards via this master switch. So, to be clear, if you provide Full Access to a third party keyboard you are technically giving that app the ability to capture and transmit your keystroke data elsewhere.

Microsoft Swiftkey On The Key2

Fold it all the way back, and you can hold it up to your ear and use it as a very large phone. Panay played up how the dual screens create different physical windows so you can do two things at once, rather than just opening the Duo up into a big tablet. Ultimately, and what some of these companies seem to forget, is the keyboard has one job. Like the wheel, it doesn’t need reinventing or any flashing lights, and also like the wheel it has been around long enough for the winning formula to be firmly established. The keyboard shouldn’t be a “feature” or used as a point of differentiation from other devices, and it’s still baffling to me that I have to point all this out. You’d think they just did one job, but there is an obsession with making keyboards needlessly complicated with menus and pointless features and ignoring the aspects that really matter.