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Scott Hanselman. Good, Better, Best producing the best remote worker cam setup on a tight budget

Scott Hanselman. Good, Better, Best producing the best remote worker cam setup on a tight budget

I am a remote worker and a periodic YouTuber for more than 10 years. I am constantly hunting for a much better setup due to the fact objective is obvious – how to communicate that I don’t need to drive to Seattle every week with you and my co-workers in a way that has high-enough fidelity!

In my opinion if my camera is obvious and my sound is obvious than I am able to genuinely have a remote relationship with my group that is effective and real.

We have all a webcam today and may simply log on to a video clip call while having a chat – it is it of adequate quality which you feel you are actually having a good discussion with people and truly connecting!

Here is an attempt of my setup during a gathering i am in only at Microsoft:

Here is my thoughts on Good, Better, include most readily useful set-ups for remotes and YouTubers without spending 1000’s.


How do we enhance in the GOOD setup. Clearer videos and better sound/sound feel.

The logitech is felt by some folks Brio is overhyped and I also genuinely believe that’s reasonable. It’s a “4k” camera that’s never as impressive as it must be. Having said that, it is a solid camera and perhaps the logitech that is best is offering.

If i possibly could recommend a center of this road solid “BETTER” setup for a worker that is remote I would recommend these

The lights would be the miracle.

Now, going beyond USB headsets, i enjoy including speakerphones – perhaps not for the mic, literally for the presenter. I really like the Plantronics Portable USB Speakerphone. Needs no motorists, it simply turns up as a mic and presenter immediately. I have it forward and center in front side of my monitor and I also put it to use every single day. It generates me feel just like my home business office is a real Office somehow.