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SUBJECT: Staying home

SUBJECT: Staying home

Remaining house 1 16 hours ago #3433563 day

Pheobe had written: Lenny had written ‘ just just How numerous of you, which have that luxury, are performing as recommended and home that is staying time. Aside from food? ‘

Luxury. Its no luxury for anybody doing as recommended by staying in home right through the day.

This will depend in your point of guide, i guess. My pal and I also are exactly the same age and both need to wait a couple more years before we can claim a state pension until we are 66. My pal requires her wage to reside on until her pension comes through, so she’s got to carry on working. She works in a supermarket, therefore she cannot home based, and must continue steadily to place herself at an increased risk by serving in a supermarket throughout the day.