Mediterranean style in the interior and exterior of the house

If you would like to prolong summer for a whole calendar year, you need to pick a design with a romantic name in the inside design – the Mediterranean fashion. It recalls the calmness of vacations, the ocean and the warmth of sun-filled days. This style is related to vitality and simplicity of being, for many people it is the best inoculation against depression. Let’s consider in detail the features of the Mediterranean style in the interior and exterior of the home.


The Mediterranean style appeared a lengthy time ago. All across the southern coast of Europe, the design has spread, put down its roots, diluted with all the local coloring of those”invaded” states.

Country home or villa at the Mediterranean fashion is a true luxury, a gorgeous and standing structure, which no matter what the fashion. In the northern regions of these buildings won’t be as convincing, although trade-offs can always be found. In architectural projects of houses in the Mediterranean fashion is common alternative, through which the home, even at the extreme heat will be cool and comfy.

For a house in this style is characterized by these characteristics:

  • Tile roofing in red, beige or orange;
  • open floor plan;
  • large windows (and even in the toilet );
  • patios-that isalso a patio with a seating space, usually furnished with tubs of crops;
  • markets, balconies, arched openings, galleries, and fences, and spacious terraces.

Apartment in the Mediterranean fashion does not need to be huge. It’s also possible to organize a little apartment so 1poparnikam.ru that it will be natural to the style. Though mostly Victorian interior is arranged in a spacious dwelling with windows overlooking the sunny side.

The walls are in the flat, the better.

For a comfy interior is responsible wooden furniture of deliberately rude look, natural lighting fabrics, most often – with a blue-and-white pattern. The interior should be full of sunlight and the pleasant freshness of green leaves. It should have a marine themes, it must dispose of break, whether it is a family evening at the table with the gifts of this Mediterranean cuisine or drawing yourself on a Saturday night.

The design is often divided into an Italian leadership and a Greek leadership. From the Greek leadership, the color palette is represented by blue, white, emerald and orange yellow. Pink and red colors act as accents, really dosed. The Italian direction is regarded as more bright: active yellow, green, gold, olive and brown are the most common. And additionally Italian Mediterranean is considered to be the most classic, so demanding and rough surfaces in the interior are only welcome.