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9 Myths About Polyamory You’ll Want To Stop Thinking

9 Myths About Polyamory You’ll Want To Stop Thinking

4. Every poly individual is up for such a thing with regards to sex — threesomes, bondage, you label it.

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It’s still not fair to make assumptions while it’s fair to say that poly people tend to be more open-minded about things like gender fluidity, kinks, and group play. Every poly individual has individual choices and tastes the same as monogamous people do. It is possible to never ever assume that dating a poly individual means, for instance, endless threesomes or trips to your intercourse dungeon every Friday. However the neat thing about poly is the fact that if an individual of one’s lovers is not thinking about that, you are capable of finding another partner that is and date them both!

5. Poly people are well buddies with their lovers’ partners(or sleep with them also).

Within poly communities, a term is had by us for the partner’s partner: your metamour. It is just like a paramour but, you realize, meta. You could actually be friends with your metamour: Most likely, you both love (and/or like to rest with) the exact same individual. But simply as you have that individual in accordance does not fundamentally suggest you prefer each other, and that’s O.K.!